Customer Testimonials

Personally what converted me is the stuff behind the scenes- the locker room is more like a country club or resort (they have a nice spa room for massages btw), and optional locker service includes laundry service!! This means you will never fight your way into a parking space, get partially changed and remember you forgot your sports bra. They even have lots of TVs in the locker room so you can catch up on whatever while changing.
The sauna and steam room are impeccable and they even have extended shower stalls to hang your robe w/o it getting soaked! They also provide razors, shaving cream, conditioner, mouthwash and the like…  My favorite feature? The water. Seriously – they have apple or citrus infused water every day and it just adds to the experience and makes me feel welcome.

Jules S.

Absolutely love this place!  I have only been a member for about two weeks now but I love everything about the place. I think it would be best for me to just list what I like.

1. Spacious
2. Clean
3. Well-maintained machines/treadmills –  Woodway treadmills
4. State of the art eliptical machines
5. Locker room and showers are clean
6. indivual shower stalls
7. Complimentary toiletry products
8. 24 hr turnaround laundering services – No gym bag needed
9. Free yoga, spin, abs, pilates, etc classes
10. Pick basketball game every day at noon – Full b-ball court
11. Racquet ball and squash courts

Honestly, what’s not to love.  I actually enjoy going to the gym everyday and the staff is always friendly.

Ian M.

I see an average of 30 gyms a year during my travels. And this one is one of the best. It starts with the gym employees who are obviously on a mission (they just love the place) and were friendly and helpful beyond anything I’ve seen.  And of course a beautiful facility with top of the line equipment. Sparkling clean and just a great vibe.  Oh and the locker rooms are one of the best I ever saw – 5 star hotel level.  With unbelievable amenities. Worth the visit just to see how a gym should look like.

Ahmed M.

By far the best gym I’ve ever been a part of. Positive and enjoyable atmosphere, more exercises and activities than you can shake a stick at – plus an incredible staff = a fantastic experience! You can’t join this place and not want to be fit and healthy!

Ben B.

Best facility in CLT. Awesome and friendly staff/trainers. Top notch on all levels.
Josh N.

I have been with the club for a couple of months now.  I left my previous gym to get out of their 24 month contract and empty promises.  I have been nothing but pleased with everything and everyone at the club.  The entire club is kept very clean and that is something I wasn’t accustomed to at my previous gym.  The locker rooms are very large and have plenty of shower stalls so waiting on an open stall is not an issue.  The laundry service is excellent and it seems as though my clothes are ready for me before the end of they day.  They have different kinds of group classes that my wife enjoys and I love the fact that there is a basketball court.  I cannot wait for the pool to open up this summer.  It is included with the membership although it is owned by the Omni hotel from my understanding.  Hours can fit pretty much anyone’s schedule.  Keep up the great work!

Jarrod F.