Karen Williams

Trainer at Duke Karen Williams


Karen gives it her all in everything she does.  You can see and feel her passions when you first meet her. As a Professional Athlete, she loves to keep her body really guessing during her workouts and she loves doing the same for her clients. This requires a variety of training and mental fitness, starting at the de-condition (beginner) and progress to HIIST (High Intensity Interval Strength Training) and her creation of STRESS (Strength Training & Running Super Sets) which is performing 3-4 resistance training exercises with M/HI Cardio in 2 minute intervals. Learn how Karen came to become a trainer at Charlotte Athletic Club.


How long have you been a trainer?

I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for 22 years.


Has fitness always been a part of your life or did you at some point make a decision to seek out that lifestyle?

My mother is the reason I am in this fitness field. At the age of 16 she said something to me that started me on this road. Then I won the title of Ms. Fitness Trinidad & Tobago at the age of 16 and I was crown the fittest person in the country, there I meet Miss Jackie Sorenson, the woman who started Aerobics in the USA. I am a self-thought dancer, mostly contemporary, and that skill trusted me into the National limelight. I then won a lot of National Sport Aerobics Championships, those that you saw on ESPN back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that was dominated by the Brazilians.

The sports of fitness landed me in the Fitness America South Beach, placing me within the top 10 and a qualification for the Fitness Universe Pageant. I placed within the top 30 in the world out of 60 athletes from around the world. I am a National athlete of Trinidad and Tobago. I am a 14-year veteran of IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding). I am a professional athlete, competing in Fitness, Figure and Physique. This lifestyle chose me and I just came along for the ride.


What is your favorite healthy meal?

Honestly.  I don’t have any that I like. I eat it just because I have to.


Were you involved in sports while in school?

I participated in Track and Field, Football/Soccer, Netball, and Cricket.


How would you describe your training style?

I have been told by most of my clients that I am very motivating; I honestly care, and am enthusiastic, and tough as a nail. I get the job done and I make my clients believe in themselves. So I would say my training style is ‘tough love’


What has your experience been with CAC so far? In what way has it stood apart from other gyms or facilities that you have worked with?

My experience with CAC has been a good one so far and I truly appreciate the time they gave me to go home to Trinidad when my mom passed last Christmas. They told me my job would be here when I came back. They really take care of their members in terms of what is offered by the facilities.


We here you are a mother and bodybuilder? Tell us more about that?

I am a mom of two handsome young men ages 23 and 20 who live in Trinidad and Tobago. I am a IFBB Professional Athletic which has allowed me to have been featured in SPUNQ-Sports Magazine the November 2014 edition, Oxygen Fitness Magazine, Muscular Development Magazines, and featured in my second home country T&T #1 Express Newspaper sports highlight page for my accomplishment in my last contest.


Where were you born?

I was born In Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago West Indies that is the most Southern Island in the Caribbean. We export oil and natural gas and our culture is Carnival. A population of 1.4 million and voted by CNN poll as having one of the world’s sexiest accents.


What is the last meal you ate?

Roti and Curry Chicken. An East Indian Delicacy.


The Last movie I watched?

Furious 7, twice.


What are your biggest indulgences?

A slice of Black Forest Cake soaked with Rum or Wine as we do in Trinidad.


What can you not miss on TV?

The one thing I absolutely CANNOT miss on TV is So You Think You Can Dance. It’s my Obsession and dancing is my passion.


What is on you Bucket List?

On my Bucket list is to return to the beautiful Island of Bahamas to spend 7 days at the Atlantis Resort and just BE in the moment.


What is your go to play list song?

Cloud 9 by Lyrikal


Who are your heroes?

I have no heroes, but I have an icon. My Icon is Monica Brant who is a former Fitness Olympia Champion and current World Pro Figure Champion.


What song instantly put you in a good mood?

Music, in general, puts me in a good mood. It motivates me, drives me, and lifts my spirits. If I have to choose a song it would be Still Believe by Kim Walker –Smith. It keeps me sane with all I have going on in my life right now.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

Do not envy people for what they have, because you don’t know what they did to get it. My mother said that to me and my sisters when we were younger. It is the reason why I don’t envy or have jealousy towards others. I am who I am and I am comfortable with me. I look for and see the good in others and stay away from those with negative energy. I will be the first to forgive and the last to walk away; I am very patient and have a high tolerance for most and zero tolerance for a lot. I can appear intimidating to most that’s because I am a focused person, but I am one of the most down to earth, coolest people you will ever meet.



Interview by Maile Floyd from Sweti Services