You never know what is next with Jim, and neither does he. What many would classify as restlessness, Jim chalks up to a real desire to make the world around him a little bit more interesting.

His career spans many areas and his entrepreneurial exploits are filled with high profile successes. As a corporate executive-turned-entrepreneur, Jim has marketed some of the world’s most important and admired brands, serving as Vice President of Marketing for Citibank, Global Brand Manager for Coca-Cola, and Brand Manager on Jell-O Pudding and Cool-Whip.

He was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 1991 by the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurs for the first company he started.

In 2001, he combined his love for travel with his business and brand know-how to build one of the most popular online travel communities in the world, IgoUgo.com. Honors include the 2004 Webby Award for “Best Travel Site in the U.S.” IgoUgo was sold to Sabre Holdings / Travelocity in 2006.

In 2006, Jim moved to Charlotte and settled in with the launch of Emerson Joseph. As the premier men’s grooming lounge, Emerson Joseph provides a one-of-a-kind experience for men interested in the finest grooming products and services. Emerson Joseph was sold in 2011.

Jim and his partners have dabbled in a variety of business categories, but have concentrated on real estate in Charlotte. The company acquired a variety of historic buildings including the Home Federal Savings Building. Highlights include Charlotte’s most luxurious boutique condominium (The Trust) and North Carolina’s premiere health club, the Charlotte Athletic Club.

For the last five years, Jim has worked on Kin Valley and other technology efforts. Kin Valley is a social platform developed for organizations that support families and kids. Customers include the Girl Scouts and a variety of other organizations in the early childhood development arena.

The son of a U.S. Army officer (and a former U.S. Army officer himself), Jim has lived all over the world—Korea, Germany, France, and 14 different U.S. states. A graduate of the University of Texas and the University of Georgia (MBA), Jim has lived in Austin for the last three years.