Dawn Ireland came to Charlotte Athletic Club in 2011, after spending 10 years in Emergency and Cardiovascular nursing. Over that time, she saw that preventative medicine was just as effective as interventive medicine, especially when it came to patient education. Providing insulin to a diabetic may save their life one time, but nutrition and lifestyle education would create a much longer-lasting impact on themselves and their loved ones. Dawn was also diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases under the age of 30, and, over time, discovered that her diseases were greatly impacted by how she chose to eat, drink, and work. She began her transition out of the stress-inducing field of Emergency and Trauma Nursing by receiving her Yoga Teacher Training, and began teaching yoga. After a year, she left active nursing, and began teaching at Charlotte Athletic Club.

Dawn was immediately drawn to the entire CAC family, and was so impressed with the relationships that the members developed with their trainers, teachers, and instructors, that she quickly added Personal Trainer and Nutrition Health Educator to her list of parts to play at the Club. In 2016, Dawn developed the Wellness Center at CAC, and was provided with a fantastic opportunity to advance the conversation and culture of Nutrition and Comprehensive Wellness both within the Club, and out in the Corporate Community. Dawn knows that CAC has the potential to play a pivotal role of health, wellness, and lifestyle elevation within Charlotte, and is so excited and grateful to be a part of it!

Dawn Ireland, RN (ret.), CPT-ACE, RYT-200, CDN, Certified Nutrition Health Counselor Director of Internal and Corporate Wellness